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Bariatric Evac Mat

The Bariatric Evac Mat is the perfect Solution to the problem of bringing very heavy people downstairs in an emergency. The Bariatric Evac Mat has been safe load tested to an impressive 70 stone with a manufacturers recommended maximum capacity of 50 stone. This means that no longer are stairs an unsolvable problem.

With extended tow ropes the Bariatric Evac Mat allows a team of carers to gently let the occupant down the stairs with no danger to either passenger or operator. It also benefits from having stretcher type handles to allow the Mat to be turned on landings before onward descent.

When not in use the Bariatric Evac Mat comes in an easily identifiable carrying case which allows easy and quick deployment.Hospitals are now issuing this mat to Bariatric patients on arrival so that it can go with them during their stay.

Our opinion is that this equipment satisfies a huge gap in the market which until now has had no satisfactory answer. By keeping the patient on the floor there is no danger of them being dropped or falling. It is a great example of how something has been developed for a specific market and not just upsized to XXXL bringing with it the inherent problems of  this type of development work.

The BEM now comes with a sister option which accepts a bariatric spine board to be inserted providing greater support and protection if required. 

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