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Bariatric Sked Stretcher

The Bariatric Sked Stretcher is designed to move very heavy patients across virtually any type of surface, indoors or outdoors. It has a weight capacity of 1200 lbs or 545 kgs.

When flat the Bariatric Sked measures 244 x 122 cm or 8 feet by 4 feet. It comes in the same tough and extremely durable polyethylene plastic that other Skeds are made from.

The Bariatric Sked Stretcher can be dragged up ramps onto Ambulances or their stretcher trolleys. It also comes with a pair of slings which have a minimum break strength of 9000 lbs, and a large metal carabiner that can be used to hoist the stretcher onto a trolley or bed. The Sked which is made to evacuate a person can be dragged or moved onto a stretcher trolley (gurney). It comes with straps to aid sideways movement. When not in use, the Sked will roll up into its own cordura storage bag which has a size of 122 cm in length and a 22 cm diameter.

The Bariatric Sked Stretcher comes with

  • Four restraining straps which adjust to wrap the Sked around the patient.
  • A tow strap at the head end
  • Lateral pull straps
  • Storage and Carry Bag
  • A pair of slings and carabiner.

We recommend the Bariatric Sked Stretcher be used by Ambulance Crews Fire and Rescue Crews and any team of people responsible for moving a person of weight when that person is unable to move themselves.

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