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EGO Evacuation Chair

The Ego Evacuation Chair is simple to use, just tilt back and go. Two back wheels and two front legs.

The all new EGO evacuation chair has the following great benefits:

  • Great price
  • No kick away back wheels
  • Extra comfortable back seat
  • Autobrakes when stored
  • Extremely stable when loading
  • Designed for single person opeartion
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK.
  • Wall mounting bracket included

Ego Evacuation Chair Specification

  • Capacity 180kg
  • Stair Angle 28 to 42 degrees
  • Weight 13.5kg
  • Minimum Landing size 75x 75cm
  • Dimensions H141 x 50 x 22cmStorage  cover

Optional extra Storage Cover.


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