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Ferno Millennia Spine Board

The Millennia Spineboard is used extensively by the Ambulance and NHS trusts. It is a modern spine board developed in high impact resistant plastic, and offers full body immobilisation to casualties with suspected spinal injuries. With a sealed plastic finish the board is easy to wipe clean and keep safe,  preventing contamination and any cross infection,The Spineboard come with a set of 4 speedclip restraining straps which can be left secured to the board or can be quickly detached from the pins with the speedclip fasteners. A number of hand grips give operators good access for comfortable lifting during a recovery.


  • Manufactured from a lightweight material.
  • Easy clean, sealed plastic finish.
  • Supplied complete with four speed clip patient restraints and bag.
  • Comes with a set of 4 Speedclip restraint straps

Millennia Spineboard Technical

Millennia Spineboard

Length – 1830mm
Width – 460mm
Height – 50mm
Weight – 7kg
Load Capacity    159kg

The Millennia Spineboard is often teamed up with the recently introduced Combi Head Immobiliser to give additional support.

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