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Ferno Sea Scoopa

The Ferno Sea Scoopa is a lightweight and portable rescue device which solves the difficult and underestimated problem of rescuing a person in the water and bringing them into safety in a typical “man overboard” situation. It offers a new generation approach which both mechanically and medically facilitates the safe and effective retrieval of a “Man Overboard”.

The Ferno Sea Scoopa allows the safety of the rescuers to be maintained, lifting effort is halved and potentially the life threatening time of immersion is kept to a minimum.

The Ferno Sea Scoopa takes unparalleled care of the Man oeverboard during the rescue process, particularly where the victim has suffered life threatening injuries. The correct handling technique automatically replicated during each retrieval, is a vital component of the Sea Scoopa. An inbuilt stretcher protects the victim and allows safe post-rescue handling whilst minimising further injury.

The Ferno Sea Scoopa was invented by an Intensive Care doctor, refined by engineers and tested by mariners. Extensive testing has shown that this is the most efficient device for the speedy and safe recovery of a Man Overboard.

Two model ranges have been specially designed, one for rescue boats and the other for sail boats -3.3 and 4.3 meters in length.

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