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Ferno Vacuum Splints

Vacuum splints provide an innovative way to offer comfort and support for suspected fractures. Improved to provide a higher degree of strength and stability these innovative splints can remain in place during X-rays.

  • Extremely flexible -moulds around the patient
  • New improved valve design – no adaptor needed.
  • Flame retardant and easy to clean – fully welded with no open seams.
  • Granules disperse evenly to give the patient stable and optimal immobilisation.

The vacuum splints work on the basis of wrapping the casualty or their limb in the splint. When the splint is best positioned, use the extraction pump to make a vacuum  With air gradually being removed the granules mould into place around the very individual shape of the person or limb in question. With the full body mattress the pump is supplied but need to be bought for the smaller splints.

Vacuum Splints Specifications

Full Body vacuum mattress in carry bag

Mattress Full Body Vacuum Splint

Length         Width        Depth      Weight         Max. Load Capacity

22ocm          115cm       3cm         8kg                    220kg

Ferno long leg vacuum splint

Long Leg Vacuum Splint

Length         Width         Depth      Weight

136cm           73cm          3cm        1.5kg

Ferno Vacuum Splints

Short Leg Vacuum Splint

Length        Width          Depth        Weight

109cm         69cm           3cm           1.1kg

Ferno long arm vacuum splint

Long Arm Vacuum Splint

Length        Width            Depth      Weight

74cm           61cm             3cm          0.75kg

Ferno vacuum splint with pump

Short Arm Vacuum Splint

Length        Width           Depth       Weight

51cm            33cm              3cm        0.75kg

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