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Ferno Compact 5 Evacuation Chair

The Ferno Compact 5 Evacuation Chair is an upgrade of  its predecessor the Compact 4 Evacuation Chair but now improved with better patient safety and comfort whilst also providing enhanced operator functionality.  The Compact 5 benefits from four wheels being permanently deployed which means it is easy to push along corridors. It also has brakes on the two rear wheels making it safer for passenger transfer. The tracks at the rear of the chair allow the transfer of the chair from landings to stairs easy and simple for the operator.

  • Hinged armrests as well as folding footrest.
  • Chest, waist and ankle biosafe patient restraints.
  • Front Swivel double castor wheels provide excellent manoeuvrability in tight spaces.
  • Rear braked wheels provide security when transferring the patient.
  • Fold out lower grab handles
  • One piece seat cover for ease of cleaning

Compact 5 Evacuation Chair Technical Specs

  • Weight                         17kg
  • Load Limit                  200kg

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