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Flotation Collars for Basket Stretchers

Flotation Collars are now offered in both a 2 piece and 5 piece model.

The 5 piece Flotation Collar is synonymous with the Model 71 stretcher while the two piece flotation collar is normally the partner of the Titan Basket Stretcher Series range.

However the two Flotation Collars are suitable for virtually any type of Basket stretcher. The flotation collar is positioned at the head end of the stretcher and provides the patient with greater confidence during water rescues.

Used throughout the world in water rescues the Flotation Collars are an industry standard.


2 piece                      5 piece

Length              130cm                      130cm

Width                 20cm                        20cm

Weight               1.4kg                            3kg

Titan Stretcher And 2 Piece Flotation Collar


Buoyancy          30kg                          20kg

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