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Frac Immobiliser and Frac Straps

Frac immobilisers are a simple method of splinting and immobilising suspected limb fractures while helping to prevent further damage to surrounding nerves and tissues. They can remain in place during X-rays.

immobilisers and splints - frac immobiliser


  • In a choice of three sizes each Frac immobiliser can accommodate a splint board, which can be used to extend the length of the splint.
  • Easy to clean, Frac Immobilisers are ideal for use as a reusable splint.
  • Patient comfort is maintained with the use of further padding – a vinyl coated pad comes complete with every Frac Immobiliser.
  • Velcro strapping secure the splint around the injured limb.


immobilisers and splints - frac immobiliser


  • 750mm (Adult 5 strap – length 75cm)
  • 580mm (Adu;t 4 strap – length 58cm)
  • 340mm (Child 2 strap – length 34cm)

Frac Straps

Frac Straps are a well proven method of strapping damaged limbs, helping prevent further injury prior to hospital treatment and can be left in place throughout x-ray procedures, minimising patient discomfort. Frac straps are easy to use and can support suspected fractures from collar bone to femur.

  • Made from a tough hygienic vinyl coated nylon.
  • A pad is supplied for comfort and support to the fracture.
  • Velcro fastenings ensure a secure fit.
  • Complete with storage wallet.


  • Frac Straps 2 x large straps  Length 135cms width 13cms
  • Frac Straps 2 x large straps Length 90cms width  8cms
  • Frac Straps 2 x large straps Length 90cms width  14cms
  • Frac Straps Padding  Length 166cms   width 10cms

These products are manufactured by Ferno. Sure-Line is a preferred distributor for Ferno.

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