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Half Sked Patient Drag Rescue Stretcher SK-220-OR

The Half Sked Patient Drag Rescue Stretcher  is used in the most restricted confined space rescues. It allows the patient to bend at the hips and at the knees to allow more flexibility in the tightest and most restricted of rescues. Ideal for pot-holing and caves, it provides a protective sheath around the injured person while providing gripping points and handles for the rescuers. The Half Sked can be used to bring the victim to a less restricted place where a more conventional stretcher can take over and the patient be loaded into a Sked or conventional basket stretcher. The Half Sked is not to be used for lifting by a winch whether attached to a tripod crane or helicopter.

Colours available: International Orange or O.D Green

SK-220-OR     Half-Sked Patient Drag – International Orange

SK-220-GR     Half-Sked Patient Drag – O.D. Green

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