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Heightec Chrysalis Stretcher MS01

The Heightec Chrysalis  Stretcher MS01, can be used for both horizontal and vertical liftingChrysalis MS01 Rescue Stretcher, when rescue is needed from a wide range of confined, exposed or high locations such as those found in the wind farm, oil and gas and construction industries.

The Chrysalis Rescue Stretcher conforms to dynamic performance requirements of EN 361 (full body fall arrest harness). It has a safe load capacity of 125kg.

The MS01 is made from reinforced LAMFAB which gives unbeatable weight to strength. The Chrysalis contains a full body casualty harness, which provides a great combination of fit, comfort and strength. The quick buckle system makes it fast and simple for the operator.

Tested with 4m fall with a test mass of 125kg

The rescue stretcher has six patient restraint straps to ensure the casualty is kept secure as well as one head restraint system. The retaining straps are aligned for rapid fastening in an emergency situation.

Integral support stirrup of the stretcher enables vertical lifting from one lifting point.

High abrasions resistance of the outer case and the high visibility design ensures ultimate protection of the casualty.

Complete with durable PVC storage bag.


  • Made from Polyamide/ polyester load bearing elements with PVC cover and plastic fittings with Stainless Steel buckles.
  • Load Limit 125kg
  • Weight 8.2kg
  • Conforms to EN361


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