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IKAR DB-A1 Tripod

The IKAR DB-A1 is an Aluminium rescue tripod with adjustable legs to EN 795 Class B

C and can be used on it’s own with connection to the central eye bolt or with a Bracket Assembly on the rescue tripod leg and a Pulley Wheel complete with karabiner, so an IKAR HRA Device can be used.

Maximum user rating 2 persons or 1 person and a load winch to 250 Kg SWL. The rescue tripod is adjustable in height from 1.54 to 2.46 m. The set up diameter of the legs ranges from 1.06 to 1.87 m. The weight of the rescue tripod is 19 Kg.

It should be noted that this IKAR aluminium rescue tripod is CE marked against EN795 under the PPE Directive and should be treated as such and NOT as lifting equipment. By complying with the requirements of the PPE Directive the requirements of LOLER will be met.

Service and inspection requirements for this IKAR aluminium rescue tripod is that it should be inspected and function checked by a trained competent person on a regular basis as deemed by a risk assessment for the environment in which it is used and frequency of use, but at least every 6 months.  Additionally, every 12 months it should be returned to IKAR GB, the UK’s ONLY approved UK in-house facility, for a Full Service, when it will be tested under workshop conditions and re-certificated as laid down by the manufacturer IKAR GmbH.  


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