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Ked Pro Extrication Device

Ked Pro

The Ked Pro Extrication Device develops the traditional Ked immobilisation waistcoat to provide a final option extrication or extraction method  from confined spaces using rope techniques.

Ked Pro Extrication Device – Features

  • Features metal buckles on leg straps and lateral straps for secure restraint.
  • One piece leg strap runs through the spine of the Ked Pro and forms a continuous loop for connection to ropes and carabiners.
  • Two lower and one upper rear carrying handles rated for vertical and confined space rescue
  • Handles are to be used in conjunction with each other. Handles also facilitate less strain on the operator during the management of the patient during extrication from a vehicle.
  • Split chest flap provides easy release of top strap for chest exposure required during examination or possible decompression.
  • Wider head support flaps with shortening ability.
  • Deceleration shoulder straps prevents movement of the patient within the Ked Pro in the event of vehicle deceleration or while slowing down.

We would advise that the Ked Pro should be used for extraction from confined space or for lifting only when time is of the essence and there are no other viable options. The immobilisation waistcoat could move during a lift.

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