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Ked XT Half Board

The Ked XT is a revolutionary utility board or half board that can be used for extrication and immobilisation.

The Ked XT is a single device, versatile for many rescue applications, including confined space, emergency medivac, spinal support for rapid evacuation or alternatively can be used in combination with ski or basket stretchers.

Due to the unique “total spinal immobilisation” system, it is possible to immobilise and transport the patient without the need for a spine board which greatly reduces rescue time.

Ked XT Half Board Technical

  • Manufactured from composite fibre.
  • Easy to decontaminate.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Complete spinal immobilisation.
  • Adjustable colour coded straps and buckles
  • Compatible with QHI immobiliser
  • Suitable for paediatrics.
  • 100% X-Ray translucent.

Ked XT Half Board Specifications

Length – 83cm

Width –  30cm (deployed)

Thickness – 6mm

Weight – 2kgs

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