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The ResQmat is designed to evacuate patients or residentsResqmat from care homes or hospitals in an emergency. The ResQmat has a padded cushion and mattress, with vinyl sides which coccons the occupant by velcro straps. This is particularly useful for patients with dementia as it prevents them from wandering off once evacuated.

The main features of the ResQmat are:

  • Padded mini mattress
  • Extra padding under head
  • Highly visible storage bag with easy to follow pictorial instructions
  • Arms and legs wrapped inside the Rescue Sheet – reducing the possibility of patients grabbing at things or undoing the Velcro strapsResqmat
  • Pulling straps at both ends – lighter for the carers to pull from the feet, but they can pull from either end or use the head pulling strap when descending stairs
  • Adjusts to height of patient to stop them slipping inside the Rescue Sheet – especially important when going down stairs feet first

The four wide Velcro straps completely enclose the patient to help prevent the patients safe.


Resqmat Bag

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