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Sam Splints

The well known Sam Splints are  made of thin strips of soft Aluminium and closed cell foam material. (SAM – Structural Aluminium Malleable).

  • When folded into a structural bend the splint becomes quite rigid and easily supports the leg, forearm or humerus.
  • Can be easily contoured and crimped to stabilize the cervical spine.
  • Coating does not stain and is reusable with proper cleaning.
  • Suitable for splinting legs, arms, wrists, fingers and ankles.
  • Ideal for all ages, children through to adults.
  • X-ray translucent.
  • Can be cut with trauma shears.
  • Light and small enough to pack in a first aid kit.
  • Sizes available – roll 914mm x 108mm.

– flat 457mm x 108mm
– flat 229mm x 108mm

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