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Sked Basic Rescue System with Cobra Buckles (SK-200C-OR)

The Sked Basic Rescue System with Cobra Buckles or its alternative name the Sked Stretcher has built a reputation worldwide for its versatility. It can be dragged, carried or lifted / hoisted horizontally or vertically by winch on a helicopter, crane or tripod as well as do all the actions that a conventional basket stretcher can do by being dragged or carried.

The Sked Stretcher is used by virtually every rescue team in any rescue scenario including the military, emergency rescue services and industry including oil and gas, mining, construction or anywhere there may be a need to have a solution to a real or potential danger or hazard. It has also gained the deserved reputation of being the confined space rescue stretcher system of choice. If the person can enter the confined space the Sked can get them out.

The Sked Basic Rescue System comes rolled in its own cordura backpack making it easy to transport or store. The backpack measures 95 cm high and 20cm diameter, compact enough for any rescue situation.

The Cobra Buckles offers the opportunity to package the patient in 50 per cent of the time compared to standard buckles. Where time is an important criteria choose the Cobra Buckles option.

The Sked with its patient securely packaged provides tremendous security for its occupant in every rescue situation.

To see details of the Sked Basic Rescue System with standard buckles click here


Sked_at_windfarm                            Sked Cobra Buckles SK-200C


The Sked Stretcher comes with the following.

  • The Sked Stretcher SK-201 – fabricated from a unique plastic formula which is both flexible and durable. Securing straps with steel buckles are sewn onto the stretcher through brass grommets which contribute to the strength and durability .
  • Cordura Backpack/Towing Harness SK-202 – this durable backpack which transforms into a towing harness, includes shoulder straps and pockets  for storing the Sked accessories when not in use.
  • Horizontal Lift Slings SK-203 – a pair of 9000 lb tensile strength slings are provided for hoisting the Sked Stretcher by helicopter or other haul / lift system in a horizontal position.
  • Tow Strap SK-204 – this 6 foot strap with bronze snap hooks on each end attaches the Sked stretcher to the backpack, changing the backpack into a useful harness. It can be used by one or more people, in several configurations for towing the Sked. It is not to be used for hoisting patients.
  • Removable Webbing Handles SK-205 – in addition to the four handles sewn onto the Sked Stretcher four additional removable handles are provided to allow the Sked to be carried by up to eight rescuers.
  • Steel locking ‘D’ Carabiner SK-206 – a large locking D steel carabiner is included with the system for attaching the Sked Stretcher to a hoisting system.Sked Stretcher Used For Vertical LiftingThese carabiners are rated at a 9000 lb minimum break strength.
  • Vertical Lift Sling SK-207 – for lifting in the vertical position, 30ft of 3/8″ PMI Kernmantle rescue rope with a minimum break strength of 5,265lbs is provided with a figure of 8 knot in the middle.

Available options

SK-200-OR       Sked Basic Rescue System International Orange

SK-200-GR       Sked Basic Rescue System OD Green

SK-208C           Sked Cobra Buckles Conversion Kit – A retro fit kit to enable your Sked to be fitted with Cobra Buckles.


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