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Sked Evac Tripod SK-700

Sked Evac Tripod

The Sked Evac Tripod extends to 10 feet high at the three anchors which are equal distance from the center.  Each of the anchors are anodised red for easy identification.  The anchors, header and legs are interconnected with 1/2″ stainless steel bolts for maximum strength. The Header limits the distance the legs can spread.  When at full extension, the Sked Evac Tripod allows a patient on a stretcher to be completely brought out of the hole and  is rated to handle an NFPA rescue load.  The Tripod comes with a chain which passes through the feet to provide greater strength and stability. The chain will not degrade in chemicals or acids like nylon straps or ropes.  The legs are adjustable in 5″ increments and Skedco provides safe working load data for each tripod height on each tripod.  Brackets are available for mounting most popular winches.

Sked Evac Tripod Carrying Case

The Sked Evac Tripod carrying case made from heavy duty vinyl coated nylon material with an extra long zipper along its full length and across its ends to facilitate easy re-packing It has an inside pocket in which to store the chain that comes with the tripod. There are handles in the centre and on each end of the bag.  This bag has a 22.5cm  diameter and 212.5cm length and fits most brands of tripod.

SK-700        Sked-Evac Industrial Rescue/Entry Tripod

SK-701        Sked-Evac Tripod Carrying case

SK-707-B   DBI/Sala Lift Winch Bracket for Sked-Evac Tripod

The Sked Rescue Hauler 4:1 Pulley Device

A 3″ double pulley with cam. Allows a load to be raised by pulling on the tail end of the rope, releasing it and getting another grip. The cam can be released manually by pulling on the attached cord. This allows lowering of the load. The cam comes with a life long guarantee.  The pulley sheaves and body of the Rescue Hauler and matching pulley are anodised.  With stands a 200 hour salt spray test.

The Rescue Hauler:

  • accommodates rope sizes from 1omm (3/8″) to 12.5mm (1/2″).
  • Maximum recommended load at the cam 1s 2300lb (1.045kg)
  • Minimum break strength when in use is 12,000lb(5,455kg)
  • Used with double pulley gives a 4:1 mechanical advantage

SK-710     Skedco Rescue Hauler

SK-711     Skedco 3″ Double pulley w/o becket

SK-712     Skedco 3″ Double pulley with becket


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