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Sked Hazmat SK-250

Coming from a stable of practical, durable stretchers which are highly respected by rescue teams around the world, the Sked Hazmat SK-250 is designed for use in rescue situations where the casualty needs to be dragged or carried to safety. This includes terrorist incidents, evacuation scenarios, motorway or train accidents down through to hospital operating theatre evacuation or school playing field injuries. Incredibly versatile it can be used by the special forces, across all emergency services as well as hospital staff or anyone trained in first aid for minor injuries.

The Sked Hazmat is made from the same high quality plastic formula as the Sked Basic Rescue System. It can be dragged over virtually any terrain including stairways. . It comes with its own carry handles to aid rescuers during a lift and carry operation.

With the Sked Hazmat patients can be rolled onto the Sked Hazmat rather than lifting or carrying.  This creates less risk of a manual handling injury to both patient and rescuer.

Available Colours: Yellow and Black

SK-250     Complete Sked Hazmat Rescue System ready rolled with strap kit , yellow

SK-251     Sked Hazmat – body only, yellow

Sked HMD Hazmat

SK-252     Sked Hazmat Strap Kit

SK-253     Sked Hazmat Storage Bag – yellow (only)

Note: Add ‘BL’ after product number for Stretcher and Accessories in Black

Shuttle Sked Rope Kits

HMD Shuttle Sked Ropes are constructed of 1/2inch solid braid polypropylene.  They are 200 feet long. With a figure 8

knot saftied with a barrel knot and taped to prevent unraveling while in use.  A large aluminum D carabiner  is attached.

Sked Hazmat In Black

The Rope Kit includes a Haz-Mat rope bag for quick tangle free deployment.  These ropes are attached to both ends of a HMD Sked for dragging into and out of the incident area.

SK-2511     Shuttle Sked rope Kits in yellow bag

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