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Ski Pads

The Ski Pad is a substitute mattress ideal for use in care homes and hospitals as well as being effective for many other situations.

In an emergency Ski Pads are quickly and easily removed from their storage bag by ripping the velcro flap undone whereupon the ski pad falls out almost deploying itself. The patient is then simply transferred on to the red mattress and wrapped in a blanket before being secured in place with the seat belt style fastening straps. They are then ready to be taken to a safe location.

The Ski Pad is ideal for:

  • Congested Wards
  • Single width fire doors
  • Narrow fire escapes
    Ski Pad And Storage Bag
    3 Restraining Strap option with Storage Bag
  • Twisting Corridors
  • Safe load tested to 160kg with a manufacturers recommended maximum load of 120kg.

Special features

  • The tough vinyl coated base material enable patients to be moved easily over virtually any surface, either indoors or outdoors.
  • The thick foam pad gives protection from bumps and bruises.
  • The narrow width of the “Ski Pad” provides great flexibility.
  • The “Ski Pad” in its wipe clean storage bag, can be wall mounted by individual beds, in wards or at the head of staircase for immediate use.
  • A Product information DVD is available. This is not intended to be a substitute for training as no DVD can correct handling errors or bad habits.
Ski Pad Buckles
The metal buckle

Ski Pads are available in the following options

  1. 2 strap or 3 strap
  2. Adult or Child size
  3. Normal thickness (50mm) or double thickness

Ski Pad (Adult 2 Strap) cost:  Call now for a quotation

Ski Pad Aircraft Seat Style Buckle
The Aircraft Seat Style Buckle


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