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Ski Sheets

Ski Sheets are the first stop evacuation method for hospitals and residential care homes. Inexpensive, easy to deploy and easy to use, Ski Sheets are positioned under the mattress on a semi-permanent basis and are attached to the mattress by elasticated loops at each corner. In an emergency the patient restraining straps are pulled out, buckled up across the legs and chest of the patient to allow quick and safe evacuation. Ski Sheets come with a tow strap at each end and two restraining straps.

  • Unobtrusive and does not interfere with bed making.
  • In seconds the patient is made ready for evacuation by tensioning both cross straps.
  • Without moving the patient the patient can then be slid to the floor by holding the cross straps.
  • Protected and restrained by the mattress, pillows and bedclothes the patient can be towed through corridors across landings and even down stairs to a place of safety.
  • Machine washable on a hot temperature (place in a bag or pillow first to protect the buckles)


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