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Ski Sled

The Ski Sled is an upgrade from the Ski Pad It has a safe load tested capacity of 160kg and a manufacturers maximum recommended capacity of 120kg. Suitable for care homes and hospitals as well as schools and offices.

The Ski Sled is easily deployed from its storage bag. The patient can then be easily transferred to the Ski Sled. The three restraining belts are easily fastened securely before moving the patient to a safe place

The Ski Sled in its storage bag, can be wall mounted in wards, dormitories or at the head of a staircase where it can be immediately used in case of an emergency.


Stored :  78 x 74 x 13cm
Deployed:  204 x 74cm
Padding: 3cm thick
Safe Tested to: 160kg
Safe Working Load: 120kg
Material: Thick Blue Nylon




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