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The Oregon Spine Splint II

This Oregon Spine Splint II meets all of the established criteria for immobilising a seated patient. Unlike other vest type immobilisers the Oregon Spine Splint does not move up, down or rotate on the patients torso when properly applied.  It is an ideal partner for the Sked Basic Rescue System. The unique criss-crossing shoulder strap design provides superior immobilisation without restricting breathing. For clavical fractures it can be reconfigured to retract and immobilise the shoulders. The Oregon Spine Splint II is designed to provide easy access to the patients chest or abdominal area for treatment or diagnostic procedures. It can be used in place of a conventional short backboard or as a hip or leg splint. The Oregon Spine Splint includes a shoulder board not found in similar devices and can be used to prevent compression of the shoulders when using a flexible stretcher such as the Sked Stretcher.

The Oregon Spine Splint II comes with:

Main Body SK-300 – This durable device includes colour coded straps and buckles, crossing upper chest straps and liberal use of hook and loop material for reliable connection of immobilising accessories.

Collar Strap SK-301 – designed to immobilise the lower part of the head.  It is customarily used over a cervical collar.

Forehead Restraint SK302 – Another Skedco innovation that employs disposable replacment non-slip pads to avoid possible slipping and loss of immobilisation.  Extra wide and generous amounts of hook and loop material eliminate the need for taping the head to the device

Oregon Spine Splint

Dispos-A- Pads SK302A – ten disposable pads are provided for the Forehead Restraint Strap. The pads are replaceable after each use to prevent possible contamination  Available 10 in a pack for re-ordering.

Shoulder Board SK-303 – A Skedco innovation that prevents shoulder movement or compression when using a Sked, slatted litters or a blanket lift.  It fits behind the shoulders, secured with a large Velcro pad to keep it from moving around. No other vest style immobiliser has this.

Head Pads SK-304 – This set of one double and two single 3/4 inch thick head pads is used to maintain proper spacing between the board and the head. When the patient is laid down it does not compress.

Carrying caseSK-305 – a durable Cordura pack with zippered pocket, for the Oregon Spine Splint and all components.

Instructions –  Comprehensive instructions provided, composed with heavy input by leaders in the emergency medical field.  A product guide video is available.

Available options

SK-300-OR    Oregon Spine Splint II International Orange

SK-300-CB    Oregon Spine Splint II Coyote Brown

SK-300-GR    Oregon Spine Splint II O.D Green

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