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The Sked Complete Rescue System SK-800-OR

The Sked Complete Rescue System SK-800-OR combines the:

  • Sked Basic Rescue System (SK-200-OR)
  • Oregon Spine Splint (SK-300-OR)
  • Sked Foam Flotation System (SK-600-OR)

This means that this rescue system can cope with the following

  • Dragging the stretcher over virtually all types of Terrain
  • Horizontal lifts by hand, winch or helicopter
  • Vertical lifts by winch or helicopter
  • Confined space rescue
  • Water rescue even in rough seas
  • Spinal and cervical protection with the Oregon Spine Splint

The Sked Basic Rescue System SK-200-OR consists of:

  • Sked Stretcher (SK-201)
  • Cordura Backpack/Towing Harness (SK-202)
  • Horizontal Lift Slings (SK-203)
  • Vertical Lift Slings (SK-207)
  • Tow Strap (SK204)
  • Removable webbing handles (SK-205)
  • Steel Locking D Carabiner (SK-206)

The Oregon Spine Splint (SK-300-OR) consists of:

  • Main Body (SK300)
  • Collar Strap (SK-301)
  • Forehead Restraint (SK-302)
  • Dispos-a-pads (SK302A)
  • Shoulder Pads (SK303)
  • Head Pads (SK-304)
  • Carrying Case (SK305)

The Sked Flotation System (SK-600-OR) consists of:

  • Ballast Weight (SK-601)
  • Inflatable Chest Pad (SK-602)
  • Ethafoam Floats – pair (SK-603)
  • Extra Long Handles (SK-604)
  • Restraining Strap (SK-209)

A rescue system that is complete, versatile and worthy of a place with any and every search and rescue unit. The Sked Complete Rescue System combines the three popular Sked Systems in one package.

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