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Traverse Rescue Mule Litter Wheel

The Traverse Rescue Mule Litter Wheel is designed to be universal and accept any type and style of rigid stretcher, regardless of shape or style of the stretcher. It is ideal for transporting an injured person across difficult terrain or simply taking away the ever growing manual handling problem of carrying people in a stretcher any real distance.

Easy fold down carrying position.

  • Single wheel design – ideal for any type of country terrain or narrow path.
  • Fast ratchet tie down system locks the stretcher into place quickly
  • Allows easy removal and storage of tyre


Length                 203cm

Width                   64cm

Weight                 15.4kg

Load Limit             408kg

The Mule Litter Wheel can now be offered with handles.

These handles have a double use in as much that they can be used horizontally to provide the rescuers with an easier hand grip, for the head and foot of the stretcher, while at the same time also providing better stability and manoeuvrability.

Additionally as you can see the handle can be positioned to be nearly vertical so they provide ease of loading the stretcher onto the mule litter wheel.  This is particularly useful in confined spaces or such as an underground shaft or when there are more limited numbers of rescuers.

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