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Traverse Rescue Stretcher TRS

The Traverse Rescue Stretcher (TRS)is designed and constructed for both horizontal and vertical casualty evacuations.Traverse Rescue Stretcher with 4 point bridle

  • Lightweight and compact roll-up design makes the Traverse Rescue Stretcher (TRS) ideal for high angle and confined space rescue, as well as helicopter operations.
  • Wrap-around concept gives the patient a feeling of security and protects arms and sides from further injury during evacuation procedures.
  • The inner layer is made from a tough high density polyethylene sheet which gives the stretcher its rigidity when curved around the patient.
  • Carry handles and vertical lift attachment points are made from 51mm webbing and are designed as structurall attachment points for a lifting bridle.
  • Plastic tubing on the carry handle provide a much more comfortable handhold for the rescuers.
  • Built in colour coded full body adjustable harness restrains the patient securely in the Traverse Rescue Stretcher TRS.
  • Padded straps for the shoulder and groin area provide a comfortable fit and the foot straps prevents the patient from sliding down during vertical lifts.
  • Six 50mm outer web restraint straps secure the patient into the stretcher by wrapping the stretcher around the patients body using a 2-bar, 3-bar steel buckle system which is fat and easy to work with, even with glTraverse Rescue Stretcher Verticaloves on .
  • Includes a Cordura storage bag with backpack shoulder straps
Load Rating 408kg
Horizontal Lift Load Rating 350kg
Vertical Lift Load Rating 250kg
Weight 8kg
Length 202cm
Width when flat 84cm
Optional Extra – Unless you already have this item you will need it for horizontal or vertical lifting
6 point lifting bridle (Load Rated)
Traverse Rescue Stretcher carry bag

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