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Traverse Titan Basket Stretcher

The Traverse Titan Stretcher is a modern Stokes Style Stretcher used by specialist search and rescue units across the world. Extremely lightweight the Titan Stretcher is specially designed to be easier to handle when carried over extended periods.

The Traverse Titan Stretcher comes in a number of options,  one piece or two piece, regular or tapered, stainless steel or titanium with the titanium having a further option of  the StratLoad attachment points.

One piece or two piece

Simple Choice – if you have a need for the stretcher to be easier to store or transport then the two piece is the better option.”LocSafe” connectors provide fail safe connection for the two piece stretcher. If there no necessity for this then the one piece is a little more economical.

Regular or Tapered

Again Simple Choice if you believe that you would benefit from one end (foot end) tapering, which provides benefits in a confined space then the tapered is your choice. There is no cost benefit on this decision.

Stainless Steel or Titanium basket stretcher

Both models of Titan stretcher are incredibly strong with load limits of 1134 kg. The titanium model of the Titan Stretcher offers a significant weight advantage as the weight of the titanium model is less than half of the stainless steel – the regular 1 piece weighs 14kg while the Titanium Regular 1 piece  weighs 6.1kg.  However there is as you might expect a cost implication for the titanium version.


The StratLoad attachment points mean that there is a simple and easy placement for the carabiner for hoisting in winch or winch /helicopter lifts. This will also keep the carabiner “inside” the stretcher and prevent it from being on the top rail and therefore rubbing against a wall, cliff face or side of the helicopter.

Titan Stretchers features:

  • Durathene netting replacing the old style chicken wire.
  • Comes with four restraining straps.
  • Fully TIG welded construction.
  • Moulded back support

Technical Data

Length    211cm     Width   58cm

Titan weight 14kg

Titan split version weight 16.3kg

Flotation Collar For Titan Basket Stretcher

Titan Ti weight 6.1kg

Titan Ti split version 7.4kg

Load limit 1134kg

Ferno Flotation Collar

The Ferno Flotation Collar keeps a Stretcher and Patient afloat during water rescues.  This collar fits all Basket Stretchers. There is now a second option for the Flotation collar, made by Traverse it is a 2 piece collar

These product ares manufactured by Ferno. Sure-Line are a preferred distributor for Ferno.


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