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WATERJEL Burns Treatments

WaterJel Burns Treatments provides a unique solution to burns and burn relief, employing the method of heat transfer, it relieves, cleans and soothes in seconds. They come in a range of different formats to suit your needs best. See the range of sizes available below.

Burn Dressings

Waterjel Treatment Sachets

  • WaterJel 10 x 10cm Burn Dressing   
  • WaterJel 10 x 40cm Burn Dressing
  • WaterJel 20 x 45cm Burn Dressing 
  • WaterJel   5 x 15cm Burn Dressing 

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Burn Jel

Waterjel Treatment Logo

  • WaterJel Burn Jel EU Pump Dispenser
  • WaterJel Burn Jel Squeeze Bottle 50m 
  • WaterJel Burn Jel Squeeze Bottle 120 ml
  • WaterJel Burn Jel Unit Dose (3 x 4g) 
  • Water Jel Workstation Dispenser 

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Face Mask

WaterJel Face Mask come in one size only 30 x 40cm

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