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Ferno Aquaboard

The Ferno Aquaboard has now been discontinued and its successor is the Ferno PXB Board. 

However we are keeping this page live as all of the Ferno Aquaboard spare parts are still available. You should contact us should you require any of them as featured on this page

The Ferno Aquaboard has been developed for water rescue from swimming pools, hydrotherapy pools and water parks in leisure centres. The Ferno Aquaboard provides a solution for rescuing those with suspected or potential back injuries in this kind of water environment. Full or partial immobilisation can be made while still in the water and then further recovery continued once the Aquaboard has been moved onto the poolside.

Spine Board Ferno Aquaboard Features

  • Neoprene back support attaches to the Aquaboard and prevents the casualty from slipping once strapped to the board.
  • Instructions for patient positioning printed on the support.
  • Special design feature allows the Aquaboard to float up and under the casualty.
  • The injured patient may remain on the Aquaboard while x-rays take place.
  • Complete with instructional video.


Length   1830mm
Width     430mm
The Aquaboard For Water Rescuing
Weight   8kg
Load capacity   182kg

This product is manufactured by Ferno. Sure-Line is a preferred distributor for Ferno.

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