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Ski Sheets

Ski Sheets are the first stop evacuation method for hospitals and residential care homes. Inexpensive, easy to deploy and easy to use, Ski Sheets are positioned under the mattress on a semi-permanent basis and are attached to the mattress by elasticated loops at each corner. In an emergency the patient restraining straps are pulled out, buckled up across […]

Versa Evacuation Chair

The Versa Evacuation Chair is very easy to use. It has all four wheels permanently deployed which provides both the passenger and operator with higher confidence levels Attractive, easy to use, rolls along on the flat, tilt back and easily moves from landing to stairs. Simple and easy to use. No kick away back wheels to […]

Sked Basic Rescue System (SK-200-OR)


The Sked Basic Rescue System can be carried, dragged, lifted vertically or horizontally and comes with all parts needed to enable these actions

Ski Pads

The Ski Pad is a substitute mattress ideal for use in care homes and hospitals as well as being effective for many other situations. In an emergency Ski Pads are quickly and easily removed from their storage bag by ripping the velcro flap undone whereupon the ski pad falls out almost deploying itself. The patient is then […]

Versa Elite Evacuation Chair


The Versa Elite evacuation chair is an upgrade of the very popular Versa. It provides a four point harness, cushioned armrests and cushioned back support providing greater comfort for those with a higher level of disability and or upper body control issues. This evacuation chair has four wheels permanently deployed which provides for a smooth transit […]

Ski Sled


The Ski Sled is an upgrade from the Ski Pad It has a safe load tested capacity of 160kg and a manufacturers maximum recommended capacity of 120kg. Suitable for care homes and hospitals as well as schools and offices. The Ski Sled is easily deployed from its storage bag. The patient can then be easily […]

Saver Evacuation Chair


The Saver Evacuation Chair is designed to be used as a single operator evacuation chair. It transfers from the front wheels to the sled style runners at the back easily to ensure a smooth and easy travel down stairs for operator and passenger alike. The Saver Evacuation Chair is an example of the deck chair […]

EGO Evacuation Chair


The Ego Evacuation Chair is simple to use, just tilt back and go. Two back wheels and two front legs. The all new EGO evacuation chair has the following great benefits: Great price No kick away back wheels Extra comfortable back seat Autobrakes when stored Extremely stable when loading Designed for single person opeartion Designed […]


The Albacmat is a flexible drag mat that is used to evacuate patients from nursing homes, residential homes and hospitals. The Albacmat consists of : A red  nylon sheet bonded to a polypropylene flexible board. Velcro straps restrain the patient. A foot pocket secures the feet. Slides over most types of surfaces including carpet, vinyl, […]



The ResQmat is designed to evacuate patients or residents from care homes or hospitals in an emergency. The ResQmat has a padded cushion and mattress, with vinyl sides which coccons the occupant by velcro straps. This is particularly useful for patients with dementia as it prevents them from wandering off once evacuated. The main features of the […]

Evac e-pad


The Evac e-pad is a substitute mattress similar to the Ski Pad  and designed to evacuate patients in an emergency. The Evac e-pad is very competitively priced. Ideal for care homes who need to provide an effective and safe evacuation plan. Ideal for care homes and hospitals where doors, corridors or stairs are too narrow […]

Ferno Compact 2 Carry Chair

The Ferno Compact 2 Carry Chair has become a favourite of the NHS and Ambulance Trusts. Lightweight easy to transport and store, yet has a 200kg capacity. Compact 2 Carry Chair Features Easily adjustable chest and ankle restraints are quickly applied using the easi-clip buckles and give added patient security. The large wheel and axle […]

Ferno Compact 2 Carry Chair With Tracks

The Ferno Compact 2 Carry Chair with Tracks has been introduced to provide this excellent carry chair with a tracked option. This makes it so much easier to bring a patient from an upstairs room or bedroom down stairs. The Compact 2 Carry Chair already a favourite with the NHS and Ambulance Trusts can now […]

Ferno Compact 5 Evacuation Chair

The Ferno Compact 5 Evacuation Chair is an upgrade of  its predecessor the Compact 4 Evacuation Chair but now improved with better patient safety and comfort whilst also providing enhanced operator functionality.  The Compact 5 benefits from four wheels being permanently deployed which means it is easy to push along corridors. It also has brakes on […]

Ferno Paraguard Excel Stretcher


The Ferno Paraguard Excel Stretcher is NATO approved (NATO 6530-99-446-9403). The Paraguard Stretcher has a fine reputation being used widely throughout the Oil and Gas, Maritime, Construction and Mining Industries. It is used commonly by Search and Rescue operations around the world  and due to its vertical hoist capability is equally successful for confined space […]

Heightec Chrysalis Stretcher MS01


The Heightec Chrysalis  Stretcher MS01, can be used for both horizontal and vertical lifting, when rescue is needed from a wide range of confined, exposed or high locations such as those found in the wind farm, oil and gas and construction industries. The Chrysalis Rescue Stretcher conforms to dynamic performance requirements of EN 361 (full […]

Ferno Mobyle Mk 1 Carry Chair


The Ferno Mobyle Mk 1 Carry Chair is a comfortable carry chair with two back wheels – tip back and go. It is widely used in care homes and hospital clinics. Ideal for transporting patients, the wheels are set inside the frame to allow for use in narrow spaces. Standard Features include A chest restraint […]

Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher

Ferno_Model_71 Basket Stretcher

Rugged and versatile the Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher can be lifted vertically and horizontally or carried or dragged across rough or muddy terrain without the patient being adversely affected.  Used throughout search and rescue operations the Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher is the quintessential orange plastic basket stretcher. Ideally suited to rescuing people from […]

Traverse Rescue Stretcher TRS


The Traverse Rescue Stretcher (TRS)is designed and constructed for both horizontal and vertical casualty evacuations. Lightweight and compact roll-up design makes the Traverse Rescue Stretcher (TRS) ideal for high angle and confined space rescue, as well as helicopter operations. Wrap-around concept gives the patient a feeling of security and protects arms and sides from further […]

Ferno Mobyle Mk 4 Carry Chair


The Ferno Mobyle MK4 Carry Chair is a comfortable carry chair which is widely used in care homes, hospitals and clinics. Ideal for transporting patients, the wheels are set inside the frame to allow for use in narrow spaces. Standard Features include: The Ferno Mobyle Mk 4 has four wheels, a raised foot rest and […]

Petzl Nest Stretcher


The Petzl NEST stretcher was developed in partnership with the French national caving rescue organization. It allows a victim to be transported horizontally, vertically or at an angle. It is easy to manipulate and simplifies installation of a victim. It is suitable for all technical rope rescue, particularly in confined spaces. Allows the victim to […]

Traverse Titan Basket Stretcher


The Traverse Titan Stretcher is a modern Stokes Style Stretcher used by specialist search and rescue units across the world. Extremely lightweight the Titan Stretcher is specially designed to be easier to handle when carried over extended periods. The Traverse Titan Stretcher comes in a number of options,  one piece or two piece, regular or […]

Ferno Scoop EXL Stretcher


The Ferno EXL Scoop Stretcher provides superior comfort and safety to patients who need spinal immobilization. The Ferno Scoop EXL eliminates the need for log-roll manoeuvres, which significantly decreases movement to the cervical spine. Two hinged, interlocking pieces allow operators to bring the two halves together beneath the patient and gently scoop them up. Made […]

Traverse Gazelle Basket Stretcher


The Traverse Gazelle Basket Stretcher is built with the same attention to quality as the Traverse Titan Stretcher Series. The Gazelle Basket Stretchers are great for rescue situations where the technical abilities of the Titan Stretchers are not required. The Gazelle Basket Stretcher comes in three shapes to suit your needs best. Regular, Tapered Confined-Space […]

Sked Hazmat SK-250

Coming from a stable of practical, durable stretchers which are highly respected by rescue teams around the world, the Sked Hazmat SK-250 is designed for use in rescue situations where the casualty needs to be dragged or carried to safety. This includes terrorist incidents, evacuation scenarios, motorway or train accidents down through to hospital operating theatre evacuation […]

SAR Evac Body Splint


The updated SAR Evac EVAC Body Splint features a thicker, more abrasion resistant lower skin. Alongside this is a new lightweight upper skin which maintains the overall low weight. The SAR Evac Body Splint has a width of 68cm across both the shoulder and hip areas and is 205cm long, giving better security and protection […]

Bariatric Evac Mat

The Bariatric Evac Mat is the perfect Solution to the problem of bringing very heavy people downstairs in an emergency. The Bariatric Evac Mat has been safe load tested to an impressive 70 stone with a manufacturers recommended maximum capacity of 50 stone. This means that no longer are stairs an unsolvable problem. With extended tow ropes […]

Evacusafe Standard Evacuation Chair


The Evacusafe Standard Evacuation Chair is a great entry level evacuation chair for evacuating people in an emergency down and out of a building. It will travel easily up and down corridors and landings before smoothly transferring from its wheel which are permanently deployed onto the sled runner style tracks at the back of the chair […]

Evacusafe Excel Evacuation Chair


The Evacusafe Excel Evacuation Chair is an upgrade of the Evacusafe Standard Evacuation Chair. It benefits from: Four wheels being permanently deployed. A three way chest support that comes over the shoulders providing the passenger with greater security and confidence. Weight bearing foldaway arms. A Foot-rest which can double up as a hand grip for […]

Bariatric Evac Mat

The Bariatric Evac Mat is the perfect Solution to the problem of bringing very heavy people downstairs in an emergency. The Bariatric Evac Mat has been safe load tested to an impressive 70 stone with a manufacturers recommended maximum capacity of 50 stone. This means that no longer are stairs an unsolvable problem. With extended tow ropes […]

Evacuslider Rescue Mat Standard Model

The Evacuslider rescue mat made by Evacusafe is used for the evacuation of patients in care homes and hospitals. It is also used in schools and offices. The Evacuslider rescue mat provides an easy and safe way to evacuate people. It is ideal for evacuating patients when the care home or hospital has doorways, corridors […]

Evacuslider Rescue Mat Premium Model

The Evacuslider Rescue Mat Premium Model is an upgrade from the Evacuslider Rescue Mat Standard Model. Made for evacuating patients from care home and hospitals the Evacuslider Rescue Mat Premium model benefits by Extra thick mattress 50 mm vs 40mm on the standard mat. Chest strap adjusts at side to accommodate people of shorter height – particularly relevant […]

Premium Plus Evacuslider Rescue Mat

The Premium Plus Evacuslider Rescue Mat has a capacity of 182kg which is 50% higher than most other similar mats. Aimed at the larger heavier person this mat is ideal for evacuating patients of all sizes from care homes and hospitals. Made from a tough, wipe clean material, patient comfort and support comes from the 5cm […]

Buscot BabEvac Cot

The Buscot BabEvac Cot has been designed for the safe and easy evacuation of premature and new born babies in emergency conditions. Buscot Babevac Cot Special Features Buscot BabEvac will carry up to three babies in the event of fire or emergency. Secure storage for small Oxygen cylinder on the underside of the cot to allow […]


WaterJel Burns Kits are available for different work and domestic environments and contain a combination of  burn dressings, burn gel, blankets, face masks dependent upon the kit and the potential use. We have made an easy to understand list of the Waterjel Burns Kits which are available to make your choices easier. WaterJel Fire Service Burn Kit contents: 1 […]

WATERJEL Burns Treatments

WaterJel Burns Treatments provides a unique solution to burns and burn relief, employing the method of heat transfer, it relieves, cleans and soothes in seconds. They come in a range of different formats to suit your needs best. See the range of sizes available below. Burn Dressings Waterjel Treatment Sachets WaterJel 10 x 10cm Burn […]

The Sked Complete Rescue System SK-800-OR

The Sked Complete Rescue System SK-800-OR combines the: Sked Basic Rescue System (SK-200-OR) Oregon Spine Splint (SK-300-OR) Sked Foam Flotation System (SK-600-OR) This means that this rescue system can cope with the following Dragging the stretcher over virtually all types of Terrain Horizontal lifts by hand, winch or helicopter Vertical lifts by winch or helicopter […]

Ferno Porter 2 Wheeled Litter Carrier

The Ferno Porter 2 wheeled litter carrier is compatible for all types of rigid stretchers and features 8 adjustable handle positions for varying operator heights and ease of manoeuvrability. Ferno Porter 2 Wheeled Litter carrier features Possesses a fast ratchet securing system that locks the basket stretcher in place with 2 straps and 2 rubberised steel […]

Traverse Rescue Mule Litter Wheel

The Traverse Rescue Mule Litter Wheel is designed to be universal and accept any type and style of rigid stretcher, regardless of shape or style of the stretcher. It is ideal for transporting an injured person across difficult terrain or simply taking away the ever growing manual handling problem of carrying people in a stretcher […]

Four Point Bridle for Basket Stretchers

The Four Point Bridle is required for winch lifting either by helicopter, crane or tripod.  It has two straps slightly shorter than the other two to keep the basket stretcher tilted higher at the head end during horizontal lifting.

Flotation Collars for Basket Stretchers

Flotation Collars are now offered in both a 2 piece and 5 piece model. The 5 piece Flotation Collar is synonymous with the Model 71 stretcher while the two piece flotation collar is normally the partner of the Titan Basket Stretcher Series range. However the two Flotation Collars are suitable for virtually any type of […]

Multi Purpose Carrier – MPC

The Multi Purpose Carrier is made for being dragged in wet, muddy, snowy and icy conditions. If required it can be dragged behind a snowmobile, skier, personal watercraft, or ATV. Constructed of high density roto-molded polyethylene plastic and features a seamless design. Foam filled for flotation and patient insulation. For water rescue the Multi Purpose […]

Pole Stretchers – Unifold and Duofold

Pole Stretchers are ideal for use in situations demanding a quick and safe evacuation of a patient. Pole stretchers are available in a choice of two sizes – 206cm and 229cms. Pole Stretchers – Unifold and Duofold Features Poles constructed from lightweight Aluminium to enhance easy lifting. Spreader bars provide additional support. The orange vinyl fabric […]


The Bariboard is designed to help improve the results of CPR on Bariatric Patients. By inserting the board under the patients back it lifts the spine, helping to provide a more focussed area for CPR to be conducted and maximises CPR compressions. This will have major benefits to those conducting CPR on Bariatric Patients. For […]

Bariatric Sked Stretcher

The Bariatric Sked Stretcher is designed to move very heavy patients across virtually any type of surface, indoors or outdoors. It has a weight capacity of 1200 lbs or 545 kgs. When flat the Bariatric Sked measures 244 x 122 cm or 8 feet by 4 feet. It comes in the same tough and extremely durable polyethylene […]

Xpert / CD7 Evacuation Chair

The  Xpert or CD7 evacuation chair offers the passenger an extremely safe journey descent on the stairs. A low centre of gravity and a descent control system explains why the Xpert has been a popular evacuation chair for many years now. This evacuation chair offers deeply cleatted tracks which are able to grip stairs or steps […]

Ferno EZ Glide Evacuation Chair

The Ferno EZ Glide evacuation chair glides patient loads of  up to 227kg downstairs without carrying or lifting. The front swivel wheels provide easy manoeuvrability over carpet and stairwell landings. With four wheels permanently deployed it transfers easily from landings to stairs where the ridged tracks provide a smooth rise down for the passenger. EZ Glide […]

Half Sked Patient Drag Rescue Stretcher SK-220-OR

The Half Sked Patient Drag Rescue Stretcher  is used in the most restricted confined space rescues. It allows the patient to bend at the hips and at the knees to allow more flexibility in the tightest and most restricted of rescues. Ideal for pot-holing and caves, it provides a protective sheath around the injured person […]

Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher Harness and Head Pad


The Ferno Model 71 Basket Stretcher Harness and Head Pad provides greater security for the patient in a basket stretcher. Often used in conjunction with the flotation collar it features a waterproof cover. The harness and head pad provides additional comfort and support particularly if the rescue is conducted during bad weather. Included in this […]

Traverse Basket Stretcher Storage Bag

The Basket Stretcher Storage Bag and Cover – 1 piece and 2 piece The Basket Stretcher storage bag and cover is available in two sizes – one piece and two piece. The one piece is in yellow and provides zips for easy access. The two piece is in blue and provides the operator with padded […]

Sked Evac Tripod SK-700


The Sked Evac Tripod extends to 10 feet high at the three anchors which are equal distance from the center.

IKAR DB-A1 Tripod

The IKAR DB-A1 is an Aluminium rescue tripod with adjustable legs to EN 795 Class B. It is designed for rapid set up.

IKAR DB-A2 Tripod

The IKAR DB-A2 is an aluminium rescue tripod with adjustable legs to EN 795 Class. Easy and quick to set up.

KED Extrication device

The KED extrication device is an immobilisation waistcoat which offers  immobilisation for patients with suspected spinal injuries

The Oregon Spine Splint II

This Oregon Spine Splint II meets all of the established criteria for immobilising a seated patient. Unlike other vest type immobilisers the Oregon Spine Splint does not move up, down or rotate on the patients torso when properly applied.  It is an ideal partner for the Sked Basic Rescue System. The unique criss-crossing shoulder strap […]

Ked Pro Extrication Device

The KED Pro is an ugrade on the KED immobilisation waistcoat offering  protection for patients with suspected spinal injuries

Ferno Millennia Spine Board

The Ferno Millennia Spineboard is universally used throughout the NHS and ambulance trusts. It comes with a set of 4 restraining straps.

Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser

The Ferno Combi Head Immobiliser has taken the place of the Ferno Universal Head Immobiliser or Model 445. Can be used with the Ferno Scoop EXL or the Ferno Spine Boards

Wizloc Collar

Designed to fit most adults and many paediatric patients, the reusable Wizloc Collar is cost effective, simple to use and provides excellent support. Wizloc Features An accurate fit, enhanced by the adjustable chin and occipital sections. Designed to be adjusted to the correct size while it is on the patient, thus ensuring the best possible […]

Frac Immobiliser and Frac Straps

Frac immobilisers are a simple method of splinting and immobilising suspected limb fractures while helping to prevent further damage to surrounding nerves and tissues.

Ferno Najo Sports Board

The Ferno Najo Sports Board is 51 cms wide and will carry someone up to 454kgs. It is particularly relevant for the bariatric market.

Ferno Sea Scoopa

The Ferno Sea Scoopa is a lightweight rescue device which solves the difficult and underestimated problem of rescuing a person in the water.

Ferno Vacuum Splints

Ferno Vacuum Splints will mould the splint around the limb as the air is pumped out and the natural shape of the limb is preserved.

Ferno PXB Board


The Ferno PXB Board has been designed and developed for water rescue in swimming pools, hydro therapy pools, leisure centres and spas. It is the successor to the Ferno Aquaboard. Now lifeguards can perform a significantly faster but controlled shallow or deep water, deck level with just two person operation, or a free board pool […]

Ferno Aquaboard

The Ferno Aquaboard is still available but as parts only for your original board. Its successor the Ferno PXB requires fewer operators.

IKAR Load Winch and Tripod Bracket

The Ikar Load Winch and Tripod Bracket provides a mounting bracket which is bolted onto one leg of the tripod for attaching the load winch  

IKAR Equipment Bags and Boxes

Ikar Equipment Bags and Boxes are ideal companions for all the rescue equipment that you have to keep them clean and well organised. Come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Sked Water Rescue Throw Bags

The must have accessory for your water rescue activities, are these Sked Water Rescue Throw Bags.Available in two sizes.

Ked XT Half Board

The Ked XT Half Board is a short spine board for adults where a full size board cannot fit and for infants. Comes with straps and head block

Ultra Short Spine Board

The Ultra Short Spine Board is exactly what it says it is, short body and extends behind the head. Supplied without straps or headblocks.

Sam Splints

The well known Sam Splints are  made of thin strips of soft Aluminium and closed cell foam material. Ideal for legs and arms. Easily straps around the limb.

Evacuation Signage – Evacuation Equipment

Locate your evacuation equipment quickly and easily even in the dark. This is a photoluminescent sign for placing on the wall above your evacuation equipment. Size 39 x 10cms